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6 and 7 September 2019
A Taste of Things to Come
Bookings open soon

Mackay Musical Comedy Players (MMCP) are very excited to introduce A Taste of Things to Come in September 2019. They have assembled a team of hand-picked directors to create a modern cabaret style event, showcasing local talent through excerpts from six musicals of various styles and genres:

Fun Home, directed by Molly Rossetto, featuring Sarah Readman, Georgia Rogers, Elise Doherty, and Ben Clutterbuck

Sister Act, directed by Vicky Bobeldyk, featuring Zahrah Andrews, Karla Brechin, Anna Kahler, Craig Bradford, Ben Clutterbuck, Jayden Junior, Bronwyn Grannall, Kathryn Woodruff, Pia Larsen, Leah Harford, Paige Butz, Rosemary Shanks, Jeany Elliott, Emani Reddrop, Hayley Sumpter, Mollie Jones, Charlie Presland, Selina Rogers, and Erin Finlay

Gypsy, directed by Amber Clark, featuring Cheryl Peppin, Leah Harford, Kennedy Foley, Ben Clutterbuck, Regan Walker, David Wotherspoon, Jane Reddrop, Georgia Rogers, and Jason Matthews

Beautiful – the Carol King Musical, directed by Kristyn Everett, featuring Jayde Readman, Molly Rossetto, Kennedy Foley, Ben Clutterbuck, Mitchell King, Victor Scott, Cheryl Peppin, Angie Smith, Karla Brechin, Georgia Rogers, and David Wotherspoon

We Will Rock You, directed by Kyra Geoghegan, featuring Leah Harford, Dean Salty, Cheryl Peppin, Andrew Obst, Angie Smith, Zahrah Andrews, Kennedy Foley, Jane Reddrop, Sarah Readman, Regan Walker, Natan Gooch, David Wotherspoon, Renae Camilleri, Emmalese Dunn, Jayde Readman, Craig Bradford, and Grace Peppin

Cabaret, directed by Bronwyn Grannall, featuring Kyra Geoghegan, Jack Petrie, Geoff Stewart-McLean, Jayde Readman, Shelby Young, Natan Gooch, Georgia Rogers, Rosemary Shanks, Sarah Readman, Jane Reddrop, David Wotherspoon, and Jason Matthews

For more information, visit the MMCP Facebook page  or the MMCP website